Group 5

Nancee Pham

Hi! My name is Nancee Pham.

I’m an entrepreneur, food enthusiast, world traveler, an avid dog lover and an artist at heart.

My love for creating beauty and helping others feel beautiful started in 2012 when I joined a local beauty pageant. It was the first time I got my makeup professionally done. My makeup artist allowed me to see myself through her eyes, she enhanced features I didn’t know I had and she was able to give me the confidence that I was seeking. I knew then that I wanted to make someone else feel the way I did so I sought out A-List Makeup and have been training with them since. It was the best decision I’ve ever made! Now I have the pleasure of making women of all colors and walks of life feel and look their best.

Five fun beauty facts about me 🙂

  1. The first makeup item I bought was a $0.75 eyeliner from Walmart.
  2. I cannot live without my chapstick.
  3. I rarely wear lipstick because I like to eat and I always forget to reapply.
  4. My beauty influencer is Michelle Phan. Her ability to transform her passion into a global brand is empowering.
  5. Korean skincare is my holy grail.