Group 5

Kelly To

Hello, my name is Kelly To.  I love making people happy. Even as a child, I often found myself caring deeply about the happiness of family, friends, and those around me. Later, as a girl, I developed a deep interest in hairstyle and makeup. I felt especially inspired watching my aunt play with her hair and makeup.  As an adult, I decided to pursue the cosmetology profession that I felt would allow me to combine my love for people with my passion for style. Despite significant familial and financial obstacles, I worked tirelessly to obtain my cosmetologist license.  Then I began working at salons to gain professional experience and a firm foothold in the beauty industry.  I have had the privilege of meeting some wonderful and talented artists along the way. Each helped further my professional training, and graciously introduced me to various aspects of the field of style.  I discovered that there is always something new and exciting to learn in the dynamic, rapidly evolving beauty industry. I also realized, however, that for me, personally, the single most rewarding aspect of my profession is seeing that genuine smile on the face of a truly satisfied client. Therefore, as a stylist, my central goal has been to do my utmost to help my clients fulfill their style-related dreams or aspirations.

I am available for various on-site make-up needs, including bridal and wedding parties, airbrush make-up, special occasion make-up, promotional and corporate events make-up, photo shoots, and beauty make-up. I have a strong work ethic, flexible hours, terrific team spirit, and an intense desire to spread beauty and happiness in the world. I very much hope you will give me an opportunity to be your stylist. I promise that given an opportunity to work with you, I will make both your day, AND mine!