Self-Applied Makeup Class

  • One-on-one with an experienced artist
  • Single time class (must be done within a day)
  • Available on any weekday via appointment
  • One-on-one with experienced artist
  • Class includes:
    • Custom skin regimen for your particular skin type
    • Color selection of foundation and concealer for your skin color
    • Eyebrow shaping. Shaping eyebrows to match your face shape and how to fill in your eyebrows to get a naturally beautiful shape
    • Eyelashes. Learning to apply mascara, curling eyelashes and how to apply fake eyelashes
    • Eyeliner. Different techniques to apply eyeliners. Explanation of what works for your eye shape and occasion
    • Applying blushes
    • Using lipliner, lipstick, and lipgloss
  • Cost: $300 for 4 hours

Hair Curling Class

  • Learn different types of curls such as loose finger waves and beachy waves
  • How to do curls for hair down styles
  • Techniques to curl bangs in different styles
  • Rolling hair to achieve different looks
  • How to tease hair to get the results you desire
  • Group class
  • Cost: $80 for 1 hour

Professional Classes

  • Learn all the skills and techniques to become an experienced hair and makeup artist.
  • Become an A-List team member
  • Cost: Please contact us for more information