Frequently Asked Questions

What Areas Do You Service?

We cover all areas in the South Bay, North Bay, and East Bay. Travel fees may apply.

When choosing an on-site service, a travel fee may apply for locations outside of Santa Clara County or Alameda County. The cost will vary depending on location. If  additional artists are needed for larger bridal parties, travel fees may apply for them. All parking or valet charges are covered by the client.

Do You Travel for Destination Weddings?

Packages for destination weddings are available upon request. Airfare, accommodations, transportation and travel will apply.  Please provide as much as information as you can when inquiring.

Is a trial necessary?

A trial is highly recommended because we want to create the best look and outcome for your big day.  A trial provides an opportunity to meet, discuss and try out the styles you have in mind for your wedding day.  You can prepare your trial by gathering hair inspirations and pictures of yourself with makeup on for a special occasion. Visuals are very helpful for us to get an idea of what you like.

Please come to your trial appointment with clean dry hair.  Face moisturized but without makeup on.

When should I schedule a trial?

We suggest scheduling the trial 2-3 months before your wedding day. However, if you want to do a trial before booking an artist we suggest coming in as soon as possible since we don’t hold dates without a signed contract and deposit.  Then you can come back to meet with that artist closer to the date to discuss any final details.  Trials are done by appointments only.

How long does a trial take?

Please allow about 3  hours for your  hair and makeup trial to permit time to try of one or two looks.

Can I schedule my trial on the day of my engagement session?

Yes. However, we don’t recommend this. For your trial, we occasionally test a few looks, hence, the makeup could get muddy and may not be clean and fresh for your shoot.

If you want to do a trial and engagement shoot on the same day and we must remove and redo your makeup and start fresh, there will be an additional fee of $40-100.  Please allow extra time for this.

How long will hair and makeup take on the wedding day?

We normally book 3-4 hours.  Everyone including the bride will be completed within this time. Depending on the group size, the lead artist may recommend additional artists to help to get everything done within this time.  As a general guide, the bridal party or anyone else will take about 30 minutes per person for makeup only.  If both hair and makeup are required permit an 1 hour per person.

We have a large group. Can additional artists be booked?

If the bridal party requires more services than the main artist can provide within the given time, we will add additional artists to ensure that everyone is ready on time. Please provide us with your final headcount and type of services they would like so we can let you know how many artists will be required.

How do I book an appointment?

Please send us an email (click on the Contact Us menu link above).

If you prefer you can also request a certain artist. Your message will be sent to all the artists on our team.  The artists who are available will reply with their price quote and portfolio links.  Once you’ve chosen the artist you would like to work with you can then request for a contract.
If you would like the artist, please fill out the contract form that is emailed to you by the main artist you are planning to book. When you are ready to secure the date and time, please send the contract back filled out, best of your current knowledge, sign and with deposit.   There is a 50% deposit required to secure the appointment.  The artist will let you know how to process the 50% deposit. After the contract is signed and we receive your deposit the date is reserved for you!

When are payments made?

We require a 50% deposit for all services booked to reserve the date. The remaining balance is due the day of the event.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

You may cancel your wedding appointment for any reason by sending us written request via email or certified mail. Unfortunately, we cannot refund the deposit.

How to prepare for your trial?

  • If you are allergic to any products please let us know before we start your trial.
  • Trials take about 3 hours for hair and makeup.  If you will be having one service, it will take half the time.
  • Please come with clean dry hair.
  • Please come with your face already moisturized but without makeup on.
  • Please bring photos of the hairstyles you may want for the special day.
  • Please bring pictures of yourself with makeup on, for example, something from a special occasion.  It can be something you did yourself or by someone else.  So long as you like the makeup in the photos.  Make sure the pictures are clear. Closeups are best.
  • Please wear a light color top.  White or off white would be best for bridal trials.
  • Do not wear a high collar or standing top.  Low necklines would be best.
  • If you are doing a trial for anything other than a bridal trial, please come with the same color top as you would be wearing for the special occasion.
  • If you will be wearing color contact lenses for your wedding day, please wear them for your trial as well.
  • If you will be changing your hair color, we recommend that you come to the trial with the hair color that you will be having for your special day.
  • If you plan to get a tan for your special day, please have that color for your trial as well.
  • Please do NOT wear eyelash extensions for your trial or wedding day.
  • Please bring any hair accessories that you plan to wear. However, we do offer some hair accessories for you to try on at our studios.  You can purchase these accessories at the studio if you prefer.

How to prepare for your wedding day?

  • If you are allergic to any products, please remind us.
  • Appointments are usually scheduled 3-4 hours for hair and makeup.  If you only have one service to be done, it should take half the time.
  • If plan to do only one service, we recommend that makeup should be done first. Please arrange this with the two different artists doing your services.
  • Please have clean dry hair by the time the artist arrives.
  • Please have a clean face but already moisturized.
  • Please bring pictures from the trial appointment.  If you didn’t do a trial or if you’re a member of the bridal party please bring pictures of yourself with makeup on, for example, something from a special occasion.  It can be something you did yourself or by someone else.  So long as you like the makeup in the photos.  Make sure the pictures are clear. Closeups are best.
  • Please bring pics of hairstyles you may want, if you didn’t have a trial.
  • Please wear a button down top or something that you can easily pull down.  We don’t want to mess up your hair and makeup when you change.
  • Please do NOT wear eyelash extensions on the wedding day.